Essential time saving techniques

With the longest day of the year having past us last month, we are set to lose 2 minutes of sunshine per day. This change will make the days feel shorter with less and less light each day. But do not fear! The team at Exacta Research have put together 5 top tips to save time in the office so that the shorter days don’t impact your productivity.

1 Save time clicking

Ask yourself, who do I call frequently? Regularly dialed numbers can be set to speed dial to save time punching in the numbers. Also think about the websites you visit, if you go to some more than others, consider using bookmarks to speed up getting there. Likewise, if you use specific programmes on your computer, it might be worthwhile learning some keyboard shortcuts.

2 Use a timer

A good way to keep your day on track is by using a timer. Allocate yourself a set amount of time to complete each task and set a timer when you start so that you know exactly how much time you have spent and how much you have left.

3 Take your lunch break at a different time

Most people take lunch between noon and 1pm but moving your lunch break by an hour can make a world of difference to how much you can get done. You are likely to be faced with shorter queues, enjoy better service and find your break goes from being surrounded by chaos to experiencing calmness.

4 Use templates

Do you find yourself writing similar things time and time again? You may find it useful to set up template documents so that when you are faced with similar tasks, you can complete them much more quickly and easily. As a starting point, you might like to consider email queries, proposals, contact forms, contracts and agendas.

5 Filter and file your emails

It can be useful to set up your inbox so that emails are automatically filtered and filed. You could consider doing this based on people, projects or email subscriptions. When emails are automatically put in a logical place, it’s easier to find them in the future, thus, saving time.

Bonus tip – Call on Exacta Research

At Exacta Research we understand performance targets and business delivery plans can mean you are under pressure to recruit quickly. As our time is fully dedicated to finding and engaging candidates, we’ve acquired a range of methods and techniques which enable us to reduce your time to hire. Call us today on 0800 085 6618 for an exploratory discussion.

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