Talent mapping is a strategic recruitment process which enables you to find and identify quality candidates.


You want to recruit the best people because your business depends on this. It’s essential.


With many recruitment methods, you’re presented with a list of candidates, searching for an opportunity. This leaves your recruitment campaign to a degree of chance.


Have the best people seen or read your job ad?


Are they registered with the agency you’ve engaged?


Are they looking to move jobs right now?


Other recruitment methods discount many candidates through chance, severely limiting your choice and pool of candidates.


You will choose the best candidate from the pool, but how do you know if they’re the best possible person for the job?


You don’t unless you have insights of the talent landscape.


That’s what talent mapping can do for you.


Talent mapping removes the chance and looks at the bigger picture, improving the quality and quantity of your hires.


You will be assigned a Senior Research Consultant to oversee the successful delivery of your assignment. They will work exclusively on your assignment. You will be their sole focus.


Your Research Consultant will have an in-depth discussion with you to understand your company, culture, requirements, desired approach and expected outcomes of the assignment.


Using a range of desk-based tools, proven research methods and telephone research; we will examine the market and look in-depth at specific companies.


The outcomes of the research will consist of a report tailored to your needs. This can include information such as names, job title, contact information, location and reporting structures. At this stage, there will be no engagement with the potential candidates.


The majority of our clients ask us to progress this by approaching those identified to promote the opportunity and establish their interest. You can find out more about this service here. Alternatively, your in-house recruitment team can undertake this.



  • Widen your pool of candidates.

  • Find rare candidates for specialist, senior or niche roles.

  • Free up your internal team to focus on other areas.

  • Cost-effective.

  • All of our research assignments start with a blank piece of paper, tailored and personalised to your needs. We never re-use information gathered in an assignment, and you own the outputs of the research.


Call our team on 0800 085 6618 for a no-obligation discussion, will be happy to help.



Call our team on 0800 085 6618 to discuss your options. 

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