In-House talent acquisition teams are searching for more innovative recruitment strategies to recruit the top talent while remaining cost-effective.

Exacta Research offers an alternative to recruitment agencies and traditional head-hunters. As a seamless extension to your in-house team, Exacta can find you the top performing individuals and introduce them into your recruitment process. 

Your dedicated Research Consultant will undertake a comprehensive and thorough search of the talent market to identify those top performers who are not visible in the active candidate marketplace.  

Once identified, discreet and sensitive approaches will be made to engage the candidates and generate interest in your company and position. Candidates will progress to a comprehensive screening process to determine if they meet your requirements.

A short list of high-quality candidates will be presented to you, enabling you to directly control the final assessment, package negotiation and formal appointment.  Our no placement fee pricing enables you to make more than one appointment at no extra cost. 

In addition to a shortlist of candidates, you will receive a detailed approach report, providing you with “live” data including; salary information, brand perception and competitor information.  This valuable and unique data delivers insights to help shape your recruitment strategy and business planning. 


  • A comprehensive search of the talent market, targeting companies where people with the desired skills set will be.

  • Discreet, professional and sensitive approaches made to prospective candidates.

  • Unrestricted by "no approach" policies.

  • A short list of high-quality applicants delivered to you within days.

  • Receive valuable market data from prospective candidates to shape future strategy and planning.

"The Exacta team have exceeded my expectations in every aspect; the level of service, the polite and courteous approach to candidates, the management information produced, the work rate, and their ability to conduct intelligent research to find the proverbial "needle in a haystack"."

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