Back in the late 90’s when double denim was the height of fashion and Ricky Martin’s Livin'La Vida Loca was top of the charts, Exacta Research was created.


Just as fashion has thankfully evolved, so has recruitment. The use of the internet and the development of social media have transformed most industries, especially ours.


In our early days, we supported Headhunters. We helped the people in the suits, carrying mobile phones like bricks to find candidates for their roles.


Moreover, as technology progressed, so did we. We learnt and developed new techniques and methods to find the best people for industries across the UK and further afield.





A Savvy HR Director.


Then one day, when we were recovering from the amazement of not having to carry a portable CD player anymore and the astonishment that you could now upload videos online, there was a lightbulb moment. A savvy HR Director called us.


He had heard great things about us. He knew that we specialised in identifying and approaching the hard to find candidates and that many Headhunters outsourced this part of their work to us. He asked us to work with him, and his team, directly. The benefits were clear to see.


Nowadays, our clients are predominantly the internal recruitment teams of forward-thinking businesses, seeking to combine a research-led strategy with a lower delivery cost.


We are proud to have assisted many leading UK companies to transform their recruitment process. And yet we remain a boutique operation, well accustomed to providing a bespoke solution to our Client’s needs.


This is our strength; combining best in class research with a responsive and adaptive culture.


At Exacta, we are a team of specialised researchers who love our work and base our success on your satisfaction.


Although some of our music tastes are still stuck in the 90’s, we have certainly evolved.


Contact us now to find out how our services could compliment your sourcing strategy.










  • Where to find the best candidates.

  • How to find hidden talent.

  • Making the candidate journey rosy every time.

  • Influencing market perceptions.

  • Different types of external support.


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