The Difference Between a Head Hunter, Recruiter and Researcher.

We are often asked, “What is the difference between a Recruiter/Headhunter and Researcher?” Well, yes we all work in recruitment, but there are differences.

Let me explain it. Imagine we are a bunch of superheroes. Now, don’t stop reading we are not trying to be egotistical, and we are certainly not going to use slogans like “we will save the day” it just seems a good metaphor to use. So, we are a bunch of superheroes standing in the street, and you are stuck at the very top of a high skyscraper. Which superhero would you choose to help you?

The superheroes all have a unique power and skill, but you need to decide which has the skills set and expertise you need when you are at the top of that skyscraper. Spiderman can scale high buildings quickly; Hulk although powerful, would take a lot longer.

You see where we are going with this. We are all in recruitment, we all have our uses, but we all have different skills sets that are useful in various circumstances. Here’s a very basic summary of the differences.

Search Consultant (a.k.a. Headhunter)

Principally targeting passive candidates, headhunters research and approach specific markets to build a target list. Having engaged with sufficient appropriate candidates, they will remain involved throughout the recruitment process, assisting at all stages of assessment, package offer, negotiation and on-boarding. They will usually charge a fee calculated as a % of salary, part of which will be paid up front as a retainer before any work is commenced.

Recruitment Consultant

Candidates are usually found from an extensive database that is continually updated as new active candidates register with the agency. Throughout the recruitment process, the consultant will remain involved, seeking to promote their candidates over any introduced to the Client by competitor agencies. Work throughout the project is usually contingent, and a success fee would be charged upon successful appointment, normally calculated as a % of the salary package accepted.

Research Consultant

Researchers typically undertake the first stage of a headhunt project, which involves identifying, approaching and engaging with potential candidates from specifically agreed sectors. Once genuine interest is established, those individuals fully meeting the essential job specifications are introduced to the Client, who will then control the remainder of the process. Researchers typically charge a daily rate which is invoiced at the end of an assignment and reflects the number of hours expended in the research period.

Our team of at Exacta specialise in delivering original laser focused research assignments to Clients that have the internal capability to manage the candidate through the remainder of the recruitment process. So, if you think a research strategy would be a great solution to your requirement, just give us a call on 0800 085 6618. We will not turn up in a Superhero costume, we promise.

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